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Ishpeming Catholic Podcast

Feb 21, 2022

In his Sermon on the Plain, Jesus gives us his four-point peace plan when we're faced with hatred, hostility, exclusion, or insults because we follow Christ and His teachings.  In this episode, Fr. Ryan explains how we can live out Jesus' plan in our lives and live in peace with all people.

Feb 8, 2022

God always takes the initiative in our life to come close to us and call us.  Isaiah and Peter's response is to recoil in fear and shame at their sinfulness, yet this doesn't stop God from calling them.  In this episode, Father Ryan explains the lessons we learn from their experience, and how we experience it today in...

Feb 1, 2022

Caring for people with same-sex attraction has become part of the 'culture wars,' with seemingly two sides pitted against each other.  In this episode, Father Ryan talks about how to walk in the way of Jesus, the way of love, as we reflect unconditional love and also bear witness to the truth about sexual morality.